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Monday, April 28, 2003

Posted by Jake
An Anecdote about a Past President and the Terminator

I have been reading this book called Fat Land by Greg Critser, a historical examination of obesity in this country. In it I came across a very interesting anecdote.

In 1991, Arnold Schwarzenegger was championing a nation wide fitness program. He was attempting to build support for PE, after school sports, and fitness testing through the President's Fitness Award (remember the thing in elementary school where you could never do the pull-ups). He was also pushing for a nation wide Fitness Day. In order to organize it, he went from state to state meeting with governors to secure there support. In all, he was successful in securing the support of 49 of them.

You want to know who the one who didn't support him was: then governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton. The Terminator was due to have a meeting with good old Bill, but after a couple of hours of waiting left feeling snubbed. Sadly, failure to secure national support (and intransigence on the part of some national officials who were concerned about the resulting parks damage from a day spent outside) led in the abandonment of Fitness Day and the collapse of the movement.

Interesting stuff. I guess Bill didn't want someone buff upstaging him prior to his Presidential run.


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