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Monday, April 14, 2003

Posted by Jake
ArabNews: First Signs of Normality

(Note: I don't usually read the Arab News. This article was brought to my attention by Opinion Journal)

Arab News carried this description of a scene near the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad:

"The Palestine Hotel has become a version of Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park, with large numbers of Iraqis chanting and expressing diverse opinions about the war, Saddam Hussein and the US presence in the Iraqi capital. One Iraqi shouted at US troops to “go home.” He later told Arab News that their situation had gone from bad to worse because of the war, and blamed this solely on US troops. But many Iraqis are happy to have US troops, a group of them chanting 'Bush don’t go.' 'We don’t want Chalabi,' they screamed, expressing their distrust of the possible US-backed future Iraqi leader."

I am happy that there is dissent in Baghdad. I am happy that not everyone in Iraq agrees with US policy. This debate shows that there are the seeds of genuine democracy already forming in Iraq, and it will make the transition to government that will be accepted by the rest of the world as something other than a US puppet all the easier.


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