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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Posted by Jake
Baathists cannot be involved

Keith Richburg posted a report for the Washington Post from Southern Iraq. He witnessed a meeting held by British officials with some tribal leaders, in an attempt to form an interim government. The meeting was heavily protested by local residents who stated that they were disatisfied with the leaders selected because they were associated with Saddam Hussein.

Two things will happen if we allow former Baathists (as some in the State Department would like) to participate in a post-Saddam government. One, the Iraqi people will never accept such as government -- as the story above suggests. Two, we will be viewed by the Iraqi people as reinstalling a government that is just as repressive. We will have rescinded our promise to create real democracy.

Political expediency -- namely the desire to impose civil order -- is not an acceptable reason for allowing Baathists in the postwar government.


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