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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Posted by Jake - Leaders of Russia, France, Germany push for key U.N. role in Iraq

I have heard some questionable statements, but this is getting ridiculous. Here are some of the statements from the Russia/France/Germany summit in St. Petersburg:

Schroeder said that ''the legitimacy of the restoration of the state and economic structures can be ensured only through international law.''

Why? There are plenty of examples of nations who have created state and economic structures outside the auspices of the UN. Russia, France and Germany, for example.

"If we had effective mechanisms for solving crisis situations, we would be able to more effectively solve the most acute global problems, and, what's especially important, do so without acting beyond the law,'' Putin said.

Yeah, if we had effective mechanisms. Sadly, the UN is shown itself to be utterly ineffective. And I would love some way for laws to solve acute global problems, but the world doesn't run on dreams.

Fundamentally, my problem with the UN is that it is used as a bludgeon by dissenting countries to defend their interests. They attack the US for lacking "legitimacy". As if legitimacy flowed out of the UN like the water of life. Legitimacy, if I remember correctly my elementary school civics, comes from the consent of the governed. And if I am reading them correctly the Iraqis dancing in the streets are giving us a big fat affirmative.


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