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Friday, April 11, 2003

Posted by Jake
Having read Hootie's article

Actually having read this article by Hootie, he is remarkably well spoken. I want to talk to his parents about their choice of names but other than that he seems like an OK guy. I stand corrected on that point.

As I see it there are two verbs involved in this debate:

MUST: Martha Burk believes that Augusta "must" allow women into Augusta meaning that they are morally and/or a constitutionally required to do so. I think basically everyone can agree that there is no legal basis to argue that they are required to admit women. (Actually having read this article I discovered that women do play golf at Augusta, they just cannot become members.)

Morally, there is little or no basis that they "must." Gender segregated societies -- a great many represented by Burk -- exist, implying that at least some of them are morally OK.

MAY: I would argue that Augusta "may" choose to admit women, but is neither morally nor legally obligated to do so. The debate about whether it would be better in Augusta if they had women too (again noting that many women still participate) is ongoing and worth personal examination.

For some, the desire to have a place where they can be around only men is a natural and legitimate drive. Burk fundamentally denies the legitimacy of this drive.

For some, the desire to enhance the richness of this experience (and other fuzzy things that diversity-minded people tend to talk about) may lead them to want to admit women. This drive is also legitimate, but in this case can only be enacted by the consent of the other members.

It would appear that most of the members of Augusta agree that having a personal "man-space" is better than whatever girls and their cooties have to offer. On this point I am not entirely in agreement, but then again I am not a member of Augusta.

Burk and her colleagues can bitch until hell freezes over. It should not change the evaluation of the members that if they don't want women.

Finally I stand by my assertion that golf is not really that fun. If I were to ever join Augusta (my suspicion is that they wouldn't want me for a member either), it would be for the food.


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