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Friday, April 11, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Hootie makes a better argument than Burk

1) Hick name or not, Hootie's pretty eloquent.
2) The only people that seem that worked up about it are this woman Burk, her organization, and the New York Times. That being said, I believe Augusta should not admit women to the club. There is no moral or constitutional reason why they must or even should. In fact, the first amendment freedom of assembly guaruntees them the right to choose their members as they please. For that reason, I think they need to take a little bit of a stand here. If that right gets eroded, then we'll all lose something. Imagine Kappa Sig being told they must admit women. Or the Stanford Axe Committee must admit Cal students. Decisions on membership profiles of private organisations should be based on that organisations own perception of its interests, not on outside force.
3) Now, that being said, these womens organisations are perfectly free to petition for entry, protest, and organize boycotts against Augusta if they so choose. Faced with that, if Augusta decides they will admit women, then that's fine. However, I would tell these women, that a stronger course of action would be to open their own club. Build a better course, and attract a high caliber tournament. Decades ago, when Jewish men couldn't get into some of these prestigious golf clubs, that's what they did, and everyone benefitted. The Jewish men got high-caliber clubs, the old stodgy clubs changed their ways so as to retain members that would have switched to the new clubs, and a the golfing public at large benefitted because there were that many more high quality membership slots available.
4) I'm not sure how any of us are qualified to assess whether these men are "losers", having never met any of them, nor having any knowledge of them outside of this one issue.
5) The appeal of golf is that it is a personal challenge like no other. The competition is primarily for self-improvement. It is a struggle of mind over matter and a game of precicision versus brute force.


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