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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Posted by Jake
A Letter to the Troops

Ms. Barbara J. Makuch, a survivor of both Soviet and German terrorization, asked her mother her feelings about the war:

"It is a terrible thing, but if it means freedom to those who have none, if it means safety for the world, then there is no question what has to be done," She said. "Those who have not suffered under the terror of oppression, those whose lives have been privileged and free, will never understand the sacrifices of those who died for liberty and freedom. It is easy to criticize our leaders from the safety, warmth and comfort of their homes and mansions. While they eat the bread of America, and benefit from the democracy and freedom of speech afforded us by this great nation, they show the ultimate disrespect toward our President and our troops."

There is no excuse for irrational patriotism. But this isn't irrational. This patriotism is justified.


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