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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Posted by Matthew
Matt's thoughts on the Masters

Yes James, golf is an excellent sport. I just spent about 4 hours watching the Masters today and I can tell you, it was some great stuff. Looking forward to Masters Sunday one of the holiest days of the year.

As for Hootie, yeah I had read that article when it was originally published, and it's pretty solid. I think what's interesting is that Hootie has a pretty terriffic record of advancing women within his own buisnesses. It hardly seems fair to give this guy as much shit about sexism as he gets. I find it interesting that what Burk really seems to be after is abolishing the right to free association... kinda scary.

Anyway, all this really comes down to is somebody who apparently didn't find the major women's organization (NOW) suited her needs, so she formed her own (NCWO) and picked a big target to get attention. Only problem is, she picked a really really rich organization that doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks and basically told her STFU. Oddly enough (not in the Reuters sense), Augusta National was probably moving in the direction of adding a female member anyway. They'd been talking about it for a few years (Nancy Lopez of LPGA fame has been mentioned several times). But being Augusta National the one and only thing they hold sacred is their freedom to make thier own decisions. Now because of idiot Burk, they won't be able to for awhile. Its sort of like that guy who "campaigned" to get into Stanford. He might have been let in on his own merits, but after that fiasco, no way could Stanford let him in because it would have created a huge mess.


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