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Friday, April 11, 2003

Posted by Jake
The News We Kept to Ourselves

Easton Jordan, the chief news executive at CNN, reports about stories he had to sequester for fear of retribution on CNN correspondents and to secure access for those respondents in Iraq.

While it is sad that these stories could not have seen light until the fall of the regime, I disagree with Jordan's critics. The safety of journalists and access to new sites is more important than complete coverage under some circumstances. Is that not the same standard that we use in judging embedded journalists in US military units? Clearly some of the stories they produced were self-censored as well. Furthermore, stories of the repressive nature of the regime did get out through other correspondents (many of them also from CNN).

Did Eason Jordan make a deal with the devil in order to ensure access and safety for his staff? Probably. Would I have made the same judgement? Absolutely.


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