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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Posted by Jake
A War to Bring Democracy to the UN...or Lift the Sanctions Now (

I rescind any statements I have made in favor of the usefulness of the UN. I can tolerate intransigence. I can tolerate stupidity. What I cannot tolerate is corruption that I am paying for.

The Oil-for-Food Program -- or more aptly the "Oil-for-Palaces" program -- is being used to fund the UN budget. The UN budget, if you read this report by the Cato Institute, is at the very least lacking in public scrutiny and at the most rife with corruption.

For example, "A UN computer analyst could expect to receive $111,500 compared to $56,836 paid counterparts outside the UN bureaucracy. An assistant secretary general received $190,250; the mayor of New York City was paid $130,000. The raw figures do not convey the extent of the disparity, however, since the salaries of UN employees are free of all taxes. In addition to their bloated salaries, UN bureaucrats enjoy an array of costly perks, including monthly rent subsidies of up to $3,800 and annual education grants (also tax-free) of $12,675 per child. The UN pension program is so generous that entry-level staffers whose pay rises only as fast as inflation can retire in 30 years with $1.8 million.

If this organization were a country, Kofi Annan would have been first against the wall in a revolution a long time ago. Actually, I think we should invade the UN and bring some democracy there.

I am tired of paying for career diplomats to screw us and get rich exploiting the Iraqis. If they want to have their little club, they can have it in France.


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