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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Posted by Jake - Administration defends Bush's jet flight to aircraft carrier - May. 7, 2003

Ari Fleischer was asked one of the dumbest questions I have ever heard this morning. A reporter stated that some people saw wearing a flight jump suit on the USS Lincoln as blurring the line between civilian administration of the military. He wondered with the administration was concerned.

To this Ari nearly burst out laughing and politely responded that it was a non-question. He added:

"The president wanted to go out somewhere to thank the men and women who made this possible in person," White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer told reporters Wednesday. "They deserve nothing less. These are the men and women who fought a war to keep us free, to protect us and to save us."

I think somewhere deep inside Ari wanted to respond: "Yes, some people might think that, but those people are idiots."

-- Thats why I much prefer to watch Rummy's press conferences: He would have said that! - Matt


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