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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Posted by Jake
Fuel efficiency regs blamed for U.S. wars in Mideast - May. 7, 2003

A rant about Ariana:

I was watching Lou Dobbs tonight and lo and behold there is Ariana Huffington. Right as I was about to change the channel, I hear her say some words that I have not been terrible accustomed to hearing from her. She said that the Detroit auto makers were failing to create a free market.

Now just to start, I want to state that Huffington would not know a free market if it hit her in her mansion-living ass. Why are we still listening to this woman?

The "substance" of her argument is that Detroit automakers, by failing to market high gas mileage vehicles earlier, are engaging in some sort of conspiracy to limit the free market.

There are many ways to respond to this argument, but I will list the two best ones I can think of:

1.) Under her system, what is a free market? According to her, a free market is one where people can buy what they want to buy. In order to guarantee this ability the government should intervene perhaps by raising fuel efficiency standards, thereby limiting the ability of companies to produce products they can sell, creating a significantly less free market. The term "free market" is a tautology under her definition, meaning whatever is convenient at the time.

2.) I would like a lot of things that companies don't produce. I would like a jet pack. I could fly to work and avoid all the traffic. This does not however mean that a company that produces jet packs could make a profit and stay in business. Yes, companies are starting to produce hybrid vehicles with significantly greater gas mileage. But, I would assert that this is not because the automakers have been engaging in some huge conspiracy that is only now beginning to fail. Rather, it is because up until now, cars that had hybrid technology were more expensive and the market for them was non-existent.

James has aptly noticed that I have become an economic conservative. This is entirely true, although I disagree with the word harsh.

There is no reason that conservatives have to be harsh. I think that global health care and good gas mileage are wonderful things. However, I also think that the most substantial gains in achieving both will only occur when they cost less, and sadly, economics doesn't work by fiat.


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