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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Posted by Matthew
I read the "The Young Hipublicans" article (You are right, it is unnecessarily long) and by and by enjoyed the article. But what struck me more about it was what I got from reading between the lines. Why is the NY Times even considered a "real" newspaper anymore? The whole article went out of its way to paint the kids as sheep following a broader right wing conspiracy. There was a reference to the kids being influenced, funded, directed, controlled, etc. etc. by some shady Conservative group in every other paragraph. While the article also painted the kids as nerds and geeks, I believe many of these kids are in fact nerds and geeks, but some of the ways they did it was kinda bizzare. The whole everyone out at the shooting range thing was a little weird.

Anyway, I'm on a personal anti-media bent right now, thank you for listening...


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