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Friday, May 23, 2003

Posted by Jake
A Tax Cut Without End

The press are pissed off -- really pissed off -- about this tax cut. I think they must view Bush as a bungler, incapable of being successful in domestic policy in spite of his successes abroad. Or maybe they think is fatalistically drawn to repeat his father's mistakes. But this coverage sucks. This is like Iraq coverage all over again.

Someone once told me this joke about Britain and the Europeans. Whenever the EU would propose something first Britain would say they can't do it, then they say it won't work, then they say it doesn't benefit them.

First they said Bush couldn't pass two successive tax cuts. He did. Now they are saying it won't work. It will, and if they would stop using static calculations for projected cost they would understand why.

Taxation changes economic behavior. Liberals use this very premise to enact sin taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and gasoline.

I have become accustomed to a fairly low standard of understanding in the American public. But at one point I thought that the press would at least try to get it right.

-- yeah the coverage on this is ridiculous. Even if the tax cut truly is bad, the way its been covered is so hateful. This whole "never ending tax cut" nonsense is all new. Suddenly the costs of the cut have quintupled the instant it passed. Bad jouralists! Bad! -- Matt


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