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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Posted by Jake
Too Smart To Be So Dumb

I personally don't think that Bush is that dumb. In fact, I think he is smart enough to have played half the world for the fool.

Nonetheless, this paper argues that even if he were dumb, so what? Intellect without character is like technology without application. It's nice to have around at dinner parties, but ultimately useless. He also has chosen to surround himself with people that I consider quite sharp, leaving him to the most important Presidential task: having the balls to do what is right.

Here are some choice quotes:

Our next generation of intellectual elites may not be smarter than the last one, but they're likely to be ruder and more ruthless, given that they're being raised, in many cases, by new-money parents who turned nursery schools into "pre-schools" that are harder to get into and cost more than a four-year college, and who threaten lawsuits when the school deems junior not smart enough for the gifted-and-talented program. Intelligence, it seems, is the new Gucci.

[Bush] doesn't read Bloom or Sontag, and wouldn't understand a word of Jacques Derrida, which is probably a boon to his leadership skills.


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