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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Posted by Jake
Vocal Gay Republicans Upsetting Conservatives, Hillary Clinton Taking Fire From Left as Well as Right and Greens may back Democrats in 2004

A Move towards a four party system?

First, the article about the Republicans. I would love for the social conservatives to get pissed and leave the party -- at least after the next election. They could start their own little party with Pat Buchanan and David Limbaugh and have non-alcoholic meetings where they talk about how pot will causes the downfall of our civilization. I bet the bands they book will be just smashing.

In the long run it will make the party much more appealing to moderate voters (and where do you think those voters are coming from?), and it is a necessary step in my opinion for the Republicans to fulfill their promise of equality before the law.

Then this article about Hillary and the Greens. No frankly I wouldn't lose any sleep if the Democrats split right down the middle. It might actually help them make a platform that is not based on the economics of idealism and self-recrimination.

These article might be symbolic of this emerging split. It would seem that enough people are pissed with the moderates in the party to leave for the Greens (in the article they said that they would only back a candidate like Kucinich, not Lieberman or Gephardt). The number of people who vote Green in this election may increase (revealing a fundamental failure to learn from their Florida mistakes).

Then we may very well have a 4 party system, with two more moderate parties and other parties using their support as a mechanism for getting critical issues in their agenda. Weird.


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