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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Posted by Jake
The Big Four

You might have noticed that I changed a couple of the links above. I had considered removing the NYTimes one entirely but decided against due to today's interesting news. Besides, half of America still reads the NYTimes so I should at least know what they are talking about.

More importantly, I have added links to two blogs of note in response to an article in the Weekly Standard. Apparently the blogs are actually changing policy because once a story gets captured on heavily read one it has a habit on not going away and being picked up by news editors. It is going to be really interesting to see how they affect the next election.

Anyway, here is an interesting quote:

The Big Four are Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus, and The Volokh Conspiracy. These four sites are usually visited by news junkies many times a day because they are staffed by bright people and continually updated, and thus they can guide the chattering class to a breaking story or even a hitherto ignored story. Trent Lott is no longer majority leader in part because these superpowers of the blog filed and fueled the story of his remarks at Strom's birthday bash. The New York Times is reeling because of consistent attention to its inaccuracies and biases by these same sites. Because these sites are so widely read and referred to, they can amplify even small murmurs and overnight can redirect traditional media towards a target.


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