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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Posted by Jake
Blix goes ballistic at the bastards from the Bush camp - War on Iraq -

Speaking to The Guardian from his 31st-floor office at the United Nations in New York, Dr Blix said: "I have my detractors in Washington. There are bastards who spread things around, of course, who planted nasty things in the media. Not that I cared very much. It was like a mosquito bite in the evening that is there in the morning, an irritant."

In a wide-ranging interview, Dr Blix, who retires in three weeks, accused: The Bush Administration of leaning on his inspectors to produce more damning language in their reports; "Some elements" of the Pentagon of being behind a smear campaign against him; and Washington of regarding the UN as an "alien power" which it hoped would sink into the East River.

Two things:
1.) Hans Blix, you are Ike Turner: doomed to vanish into cultural oblivion once an OJ comes to the fore. Don't be like Bill Clinton. Accept your irrelevance and do it gracefully.
2.) I like Fox News's analysis of the East River comment. We don't want to see the UN vanish into the East River. That would be a horrible waste of prime real estate. Better to make it into nice condos.


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