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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Posted by Jake
Bus Blast Kills at Least 16 in Jerusalem; Israel Hits Gaza

A really bad day.

Everytime there are days like this I ask myself what I would do differently if I were in Sharon's or Abbas's place. I can't really say what I would do in Abbas's place. His situation and the view of the world that he represents are so far removed from my own that I have trouble relating to them.

The sad fact of it is, however, that if I were in Sharon's place I would probably be doing something remarkably similar. I would have probably nixed the settlements much earlier, recognizing that they are an unnecessary provocation, but like Sharon I would find myself hard-pressed to let the obliteration of 16 of my citizens go by without response -- especially when I knew who did it and when the people responsible have an office, a "political wing", and a website on which to release statements of justification.

Thinking about what I would do, I am almost surprised that he has not adopted a more dramatic response. It is within his power to forcibly eject every Palestinian living in Israel into the West Bank and Gaza, set up a Berlin style wall, and shoot those who would approach on sight. Maybe, as unpalatable as that might seem, it is the two-state solution we are looking for -- the only solution that will work.

In any case, I suspect there are some strained phone calls going on this evening. Let us hope that someone in the Bush administration has a better idea than I do.


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