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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Posted by Jake
Democrats Go Off the Cliff

"This republic is at its greatest danger in its history because of this administration," says Democratic senator Robert Byrd. "I think this is deliberate, intentional destruction of the United States of America," says liberal commentator Bill Moyers. George Bush's economic policy is the "most radical and dangerous economic theory to hit our shores since socialism," says Senator John Edwards. "The Most Dangerous President Ever" is the title of an essay in the American Prospect by Harold Meyerson, in which it is argued that the president Bush most closely resembles is Jefferson Davis.

Listen here, Chicken Little. Is this civilized discourse? I mean come on: the idea that the Republicans want to destroy the federal government and want to line their pockets. The two are mutually exclusive. If I wanted to plunder the country for everything it was worth, I would at least try and keep my country in existence.

Furthermore, even though I have often thought that Dennis Kucinich has lost his mind or that he operates according to a value system that is absolutely foreign to me, I would never say have the stuff they say about Bush. What happened to criticizing the other guys policies? You can't just issue a horde of ad hominem attacks and call it a platform.

Now, I admit that during the contract with America the Republicans were doing something very similar. And I admit that the Bush administration has come up with some reasonably divisive policies. But really people, let's keep the punches above the belt because this is getting ridiculous.


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