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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Posted by Jake
The 'E' Word, Admit it: America is an empire. BY NIALL FERGUSON

Shit, they're on to us!

Seriously, we need to get over this idea that we are an empire.

1.) Economic integration does not occur without political obligation. Did we really think that all that free trade talk was just going to go over and we wouldn't have to do anything?

2.) Ideological arguments against imperialism are based in the Marxist understanding of class struggle. There's a philosophy that has been a real winner over time: Marxism. But wait there was the Soviet...oh yeah, it fell. Even the Chinese Communists are letting capitalists in now. Drop the Marxism people. You lost, it's over.

3.) Resistance to any hegemony emerges spontaneously, but that doesn't make it right and it doesn't make it the majority. Of course some people are going to against the US, such as those people who have invested heavily in caves and water buffalo.

4.) Most of the world wants what we have. Remember the "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!" guy. They may not want us breathing down their necks the whole time, but everybody wants a swimming pool. And that's fine, we have plenty of pools, and our kind of democracy is big enough to accomodate localism, difference, and dissent.

We need to accept the fact that we are already pretty much an Empire. Most people watch our Presidential election more closely than their own. But we also need to realize that there are relevant differences between our Empire and empires that have come before, and ours is much better.


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