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Monday, June 02, 2003

Posted by Jake
FCC Set to Vote on Easing Media Ownership Rules (

The vote has engendered public opposition by lawmakers, consumer and advocacy groups and unaligned citizens who fear that further media consolidation will make it more difficult for those with minority viewpoints to get their message out.

The opposition is composed primarily of groups that have lived in caves for the last ten years and have apparently never heard of the great equalizer of minority viewpoints called the Internet.

I have a statement for all of you:

I have a blog. I have a website where I can talk about anything that I want, in spite of having zero journalistic experience and no multinational corporate support.

I can say that Maureen Dowd wouldn't know a fact if it bored into her forehead like a boll weevil. I can even say the word motherfucker. And there is not a God-damned thing that Rupert Murdoch can do about it or anyone else for that matter.

So step off it. Minority viewpoints are out in the world. There will stay out. There is no way to put to them back in now. You people are being alarmist.


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