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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Re: Democrats Go Off the Cliff

I have two responses to this trend in Democratic discourse.

1) I say they should continue with this. First they obviously have no constructive plan, so what else are they going to say. Second, it doesn't play well with the voters, and it costs Democrats elections. Not sure why that would bother me. For instance Jake, I think that listening to these guys has done more to mold your recent political attitudes than anything that I could say.

2) This line struck me as particularly interesting: George Bush's economic policy is the "most radical and dangerous economic theory to hit our shores since socialism," says Senator John Edwards. Don't these guys argue for nationalized, STATE RUN, health-care systems? Aren't they backers of large unions, you know "workers of the world unite"? I'm pretty sure that they want to push up the minimum wage. They're interested fiscal stimulus from government spending instead of giving the money back to the people and letting them spend it. [stop, editors note: do you ever have an epiphany while you're writing something? I'm going to leave what I wrote, so you can see the thought process, but I'm going to make a quick turn in reasoning] I was going to criticize Edwards for being the proponent of "radical and dangerous" socialistic policies, but I'm not sure he'd see it as a criticism. I doubt he intentionally means this, but I think that what Senator Edwards is revealing is that he doesn't believe that socialistic policies are necessarily dangerous. He simply says that Bush's policies are the most dangerous "since socialism". Well, starting with Reagan, Republicans have been rolling back the march toward socialized governmental entitlements. I doubt Edwards voted for Reagan, and probably deemed his economic policies as "radical and dangerous". What he's saying, at least subconciously, is that since Democrats started us down the yellow-brick road toward socialism, President Bush is the biggest obstacle that stands in their way. This may be attributing to much significance to what he probably said just to make a dramatic sound-bite, but my feeling is that if he said it to the public, its fair game for analysis, and we have the right to take him at his word.


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