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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
So on NPR this morning as I was getting ready for work (can you believe that I do that every morning now? anyway...) they had a story on the health-care and prescription drug coverage debate in Congress. The NPR reporter made the point that one of the flaws with several of the competing plans is that some seniors would end up paying more than they consume in prescription drugs. I almost lost it completely. That's how insurance works. You're not paying for what you consume. You're paying for the reduction of risk. Over the long haul, the majority of people in the plan are likely to end up getting their money's worth out of the system, even if it doesn't happen each year. But that's hardly the point. What you pay for is protection against the possibility of a catastrophic illness that may never happen, but would bankrupt you if it did. My question, was did the reporter hear a politician complaining about this, or did he see some chart and draw his own conclusion. Either way, I agree with Elizabeth M. (did you ever think you'd hear me say that?).

Hmmm...has Jake been doing some editing? Yes he has. -- Jake


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