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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Posted by Matthew
Some stuff to build a Nuke found in Iraq

David Kay, who led three U.N. arms inspection missions in Iraq in 1991-92 and now heads the CIA's search for unconventional weapons, started work two days ago in Baghdad. "It begins to tell us how huge our job is," Kay said. "Remember, his material was buried in a barrel behind his house in a rose garden.

"There's no way that that would have been discovered by normal international inspections. I couldn't have done it. My successors couldn't have done it."

So... again we have a story about a WMD program that doesn't exist. Another one... uh huh... Saddam wasn't dangerous at all.

I think the subtitle of this one should be Coalition Invokes Preemption on Rose Gardens, Invades. was in some random guy's garden. Anyone who said this was going to be easy, stand up and get a shovel. -- Jake


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