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Friday, June 06, 2003

Posted by Jake - Daily Dish

Blogs Will Rule the World?

I do agree with BotW's evaluation that bloggers may have had less to do with Howell Raines's resignation than they would like to believe. It looks more like Raines administrative style was the seed of his destruction rather than popular discontent.

However, this admission does not change my belief that blogs are beginning to have a huge influence on policy, primarily by policing the news. Tens of thousands of amateur news junkies can make a story out any inaccuracy, so the New York Times better get their facts right because someone is going to notice. Likewise, editors that ignore heavily blogged issues will be questioned about suppressing the news.

I like it this way. Blog scrutiny is so much more democratic than any regulations the FCC could enact because it is driven by educated citizens.

And this influence is likely to grow into the next election. Blogs are the next talk radio. They are angry, self-aware, and by and large conservative. Candidates ignore the web at their peril.


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