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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Posted by Jake - Iran: Journalist may have fallen - Jul. 17, 2003

Yeah, right. Maybe she fell repeatedly on their clubs. Or maybe they just beat her to death.

I have been watching this story unfold in Iran. Actually in order to get more information you need to read the blogs (because the news channels are too busy obsessing over Iraq to carry any of it).

Anyone who still thinks that Iraq was a bad idea should start looking at what is happening in the Middle East right now. Not only have we exposed that the Arab media was lying completely about Iraq but we have most of the regimes scared shitless.

Furthermore, I don't buy the argument that we have inspired more repression in these regimes. We haven't inspired more repression; we've inspired more resistance. The horrible things going on in Iran are a consequence of their regime not our liberation of Iraq.

I think Charles Krauthammer put this best in his quote on "Inside Washington" (from Andrew Sullivan):

"No one ever judged the outcome of a war by the quality of the intelligence going in. If you look at where we are today and compare it to where we were on the day the Clinton Administration left office: we've removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan; we've removed from power Saddam Hussein; we're removing our troops from Saudi Arabia; we've established new bases in the Gulf in stable, small countries; Jordan is secure; Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon are acquiescent and very quiet; and there's a revolution under way in Iran. I've named every country between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean. This is the most dangerous, hostile region in the world -- and it has been remarkably changed. And I should add there's also a peace process in the Middle East. .... What's important [in terms of history] is how has the foreign policy of this Administration changed a region dramatically, remarkably..." - Charles Krauthammer, "Inside Washington," July 12, 2003.

It is sort of like Alexander the Great...


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