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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Posted by Matthew
College Free Speech Issue

If this is even half-true... dang... political correctness has gone way overboard...

Of course, the group in question is Cal Poly College Republicans. Incidentally, I attempted to check up on the story and found that the kid in question is now the club president, and the speaker in question did come.

Other fun facts: I think two of my HS Buddies from Colusa-land founded this club, (were Prez. and VP for sure at least) and knowing them, there certainly would be a element of rabble rousing... Maybe I'll try to verify it through them.)

Anyway, after seeing how hostile the Stanford community was to "conservative speech" it certainly seems plausible. I mean I once saw a Toyon RA pulling down fliers somebody had put up advertising a speaker on Ayn Rand. The difference is I doubt Stanford officially would pursue it as far as Cal Poly supposedly has.


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