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Monday, July 28, 2003

Posted by Matthew
First public gay high school to open in NYC

"Is there gay math?"

Okay this is just terrible... its good intentions gone horribly horribly wrong. Can you say, "Separate but equal."?

I think this is entirely the wrong attitude for a discriminated against group to take. Its natural I suppose to want to sequester one's group away from others for security and personal comfort, but I think time and again this has only been shown to prolong or even increase the discrimination. Its the same problem with "ethnic houses" on Stanford's campus. If the "ultimate goal" is a diverse but socially accepting society then there needs to be interaction, not separation. The homosexual community has being doing a remarkable job of integrating into general society. After a brief period of "in-your-face-cultural-definition" all the homosexuals who previously had hidden themselves in the general populace, all went back to their lives just being a little more open with their sexual orientation. And society has (while occasionally stifling a giggle or a lynching here and there) been willing to get on with life. Hell there are even gay republicans, now that's progress! Now a push to separate out again? Bad idea.

Sure there will be casualties of integration and I feel very badly for them and we should endeavor to protect them. But its entirely unavoidable.


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