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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Posted by Jake
Iraq council plans war crimes trials

There was no immediate response to the plan from U.S. officials, but a Human Rights Watch official challenged the council’s plan saying it would put former victims of Saddam and his regime in the position of judging their tormentors and might not result in justice.
Hania Mufti, London director of Human Rights Watch, said the Iraqi court system was ill-equipped to deal with the task of trying such crimes and said international legal experts should be part of the process

Human Right Watch vs. Democracy

We can all thank Human Rights Watch for steadfastly chaperoning the right of the International War Crimes tribunal to screw things up royally. How are things going for Slobodan Milosevic? Oh really, been three years now and the prosecution isn't done. Fantastic then...I am sure we will all live to see the end of the trial.

I don't dispute the cause that genuine war criminals should be brought the task for what they have done, but when you dispute the ability of a people to govern themselves you may have crossed the line. The IWCT can exist for people who can get justice themselves, but I dispute it's exclusive right to try these cases. Are a bunch of high-minded professors from the West the only people who understand what justice is?


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