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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Posted by Jake
Pictures of the Iranian Revolution

Beware these pictures are really graphic. Andrew Sullivan had a link to them, and I agree with his analysis.

Here are some pictures of dorm rooms in Tehran university after the government thugs have "disciplined" various freedom-seeking students. Here are some more - of what was done to the students themselves. Yesterday, three student leaders were seized by the regime's goons and are now in capitivity. It's useful to see the true face of tyranny - a face so familiar and comforting to the anti-American ideologues running the BBC. Yesterday, the Beeb's leftists described the 1999 massacre of students as a "police raid." Yeah, and Tiananmen Square was a street fight. How do these BBC apologists for theocratic terror live with themselves?


Yeah, and we are the bad guys. I don't remember seeing too many government thugs in my neighborhood.


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