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Monday, July 28, 2003

Posted by Jake
STUPID WHITE LIES -- Michael Moore, Humbug -- He's mendacious and obnoxious, so what accounts for his appeal?

Kay S. Hymowitz has an excellent piece debunking Michael Moore. It also reveals what most of us already knew: that he is a nut of Coulterian or even Dowdian proportions.

But this part about Manichaean ethics is truly fascinating:

The other key to Mr. Moore's appeal is his simple Manichaean moral system, the kind that populists traditionally invoke to stir up easy resentments, as with today's alienated left. Mr. Moore's world comprises two groups: stupid but powerful white guys in suits, like Roger Smith; and decent but powerless ordinary folks, like Michael Moore. For Mr. Moore, this is not some kind of comic-book schema; it is as real as sin itself. Nike CEO Phil Knight is 'the face of evil.' President Bush, today's incarnation of the evil plutocrat in Mr. Moore's mind, is 'capable of anything.' 'The other side [the rich]--what they believe in,' Mr. Moore said in an Internet interview, 'is in their own kind of sick Darwinism that says only a few shall survive to have the American dream. And they spend their time trying to enact laws to guarantee that the majority won't.' Downsizing and welfare reform, which Mr. Moore calls 'inherently evil,' are both examples of 'terrorism' committed by malevolent rich men."

Thus, we have found another fun word for the day:

\Man`i*ch[ae]"an\, Manichean \Man`i*che"an\, Manichee\Man"i*chee\, n. [LL. Manichaeus: cf. F. manich['e]en.] A believer in the doctrines of Manes, a Persian of the third century A. D., who taught a dualism in which Light is regarded as the source of Good, and Darkness as the source of Evil.

We can all thank Michael Moore for his lesson in ethics. When are people (on the left and the right I might add, I still read stuff blaming immigrants for the US's problems) going to learn that things are never that simple.


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