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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Posted by Jake
U.S. says N. Korea ready for talks

You know I remember reading repeatedly over the last six months about how we were being the intractable bastards in the situation, and how taking a hard line would never work with North Korea. Negotiate the people at State said.

Well, the pressure being applied to Pyongyang is starting to work (primarily in my opinion because they don't have any food and not even Kim Jong Il can stave off the hunger pains with propaganda forever). North Korea is like the mafia running a protection racket -- the last thing on Earth that you want to do is give them more money.

Now what we need to do is walk into these talks and over zero concessions. If he wants food, I want all the plutonium in North Korea in a truck driven over the 38th parallel.

North Korea is on the verge of collapse, just like the Soviet Union a decade ago. Just as long as we don't go propping it up...


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