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Friday, August 08, 2003

Posted by Jake
Ariarnold Schwarzenopoulos! - Plus: Post-Leno recall questions. By Mickey Kaus

Mickey Kaus may have lost his mind. He is suggesting a conspiratorial link between Arianna Huffington and Arnold Schwarzenegger's candidacies. Here's his justification:

1) Arianna's a smart operator, and this could be a good way to snatch a dignified semi-victory from the jaws of defeat; 2) The rationale for the alliance could be their joint interest in ousting Gray Davis and fighting the 'special interests' in Sacramento; 3) They are similar types--witty, ambitious, entrepreneurial, foreign-born celebrities with colorful pasts. They probably both shop at the same Pain Quotidien on Barrington Avenue; 4) There is an obvious link between the two camps--namely, celebriphilic left-wing L.A. Times columnist Robert Scheer, who is Arianna's ill-chosen guru on domestic policy matters but who leapt to Schwarzenegger's defense in 2001 when a now-famous Premiere magazine hit piece on the actor was distributed to reporters by the Gray Davis camp.

My favorite is the link between them being Robert Scheer. First of all, Robert Scheer is a nut, and if you don't believe me read the 8/6 post on Spinsanity. Second, despite the cited "pro-A.S." column I doubt sincerely that Scheer really agrees with Arnold. Maybe he is just reading something I am not.

Arianna is running for Arianna. She is not going to be forming any strategic alliances.


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