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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Posted by Jake
Chaos as an Anti-U.S. Strategy

'In hitting the United Nations, it could put into a rather tough position those in the U.N. who might have opposed what the United States is doing in Iraq, and even opposed our entry into the war to begin with,' Mr. Shultz said.

In other words, by attacking the United Nations the bombers may have made it easier for President Bush to convince European and Arab nations that they have a stake in a peaceful, stable Iraq.

This is the big point even though it is hidden at the end of the article. The point once we get past fingerpointing is that the people we are fighting do not in any way distinguish between the supposed "good guys" -- the UN and the well meaning establishment that wants to help the Iraqi people -- and the supposed "bad guys" -- the US who foolishly forced us into an unnecessary war. Rather, the people we are fighting see us as the monolith. They fight the West without respect to our politics.

Once you realize this, the narrative of emerging resistance to the imperialist power breaks down. Not antagonizing the terrorists is no longer a satisfactory strategy.

It is time to drop the prewar debate and do this right. No more cross-Atlantic bickering about international institutions. It is time for everyone to throw in their chips and see this through to end.


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