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Friday, August 29, 2003

Posted by Jake - Shiites report top leader among bombing victims - Aug. 29, 2003

This is huge. The last thing we need is a war between Sunnis and Shia. Also, al-Hakim was more of a moderate -- he didn't like us but was willing to cut a deal. No good can come of this.

Matt -- I wouldn't say "no good can come of this." Even the horror of 9/11 had some positive repercussions: the liberations of Afganistan and Iraq. This could help the growing awareness among the people of the middle east that terrorism is a cancer of the region that needs to be excised from within, and not a purely anti-Zionist/anti-American movement that they might otherwise encourage. I agree a war between the sunnis and the shia would be devastating, but it might yet be averted.

Of course its small comfort to the people who died and those who loved them, but we must make do with what life deals.


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