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Monday, August 11, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl - Bustamante says he's an 'alternative' for Calif. voters - Aug. 11, 2003

I've been saying that Arnold needs to get some position papers out there, and start giving policy speeches if he wants to translate this surge of popularity into a fighting chance at an actual Governorship. I'm changing my mind. There's already buzz about what I'll call his moderation on social issues. That leaves the one big $38 billion issue. After having read this interview with Bustamonte, I don't know why Arnold should be the first one to announce a plan to fix the State budget. Davis hasn't been able to articulate one for years. Bustamonte doesn't even seem like he's going to try. The Dems are going to have a hard time portraying Arnold as knee-jerk conservative, and unless they come up with a fiscal plan, they can't criticize him for not having one of his own. Unless the Dems get serious, Arnold doesn't have to, and can win with a fluff campaign.


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