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Friday, August 22, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl - Parents group: 'CSI' is TV's worst - Aug. 21, 2003: "The organization's 10 best shows: 'Touched By an Angel,' CBS; 'Doc,' Pax; 'Sue Thomas F. B. Eye,' Pax; '7th Heaven,' WB; 'Life with Bonnie,' ABC; 'Smallville,' WB; 'Reba,' WB; 'Star Search,' CBS; 'George Lopez,' ABC and '8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teen-age Daughter,' ABC.
The PTC's 10 worst: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,' CBS; 'Kingpin,' NBC; 'Fastlane,' Fox; 'NYPD Blue,' ABC; 'Fear Factor,' NBC; 'Angel,' WB; 'Girlfriends,' UPN; 'Will & Grace,' NBC; 'Friends,' NBC and 'Big Brother 3,' CBS. "

Does a show have to be lame in order to be on the 10 Best list?


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