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Monday, August 11, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl - Davis, Bustamante build strategies to beat Schwarzenegger - Aug. 11, 2003:

"Bustamante presented his relative lack of wealth -- and lack of screaming fans begging for an autograph -- as a different kind of strong suit.

'I am an average guy trying to do an above-average job,' he told CNN. 'I think there is a clear distinction between me and many other candidates. ... I'm the only Democrat in the race, and if you look at the folks on the other sides of the aisle, the other candidates, I am probably the only non-millionaire in the race.'"

So Bustamonte's "winning" strategy is to make the following points:
1) I'm only average, but I want a job that's way over my head.
2) At a time when fiscal discipline is CA's biggest problem, I'm the best guy because I'm the only candidate who has NOT managed my personal finances well enough to accumulate millions.

In fairness, you don't have to be a millionaire to be good with money, but by trying this average joe routine, Bustamonte is only going to emphasize that Schwarzenegger IS good with money. The guy didn't inherit his wealth, he was an imigrant who built a vast empire from scratch. But by all means, Mr. Lt. Governor, keep pointing that out.


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