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Friday, August 22, 2003

Posted by Jake - Fox lose over Franken's 'Lies' book - Aug. 22, 2003

I am not really planning on buying this book. I have found that most of the humor books written by people with a clear left agenda -- or right for that matter -- are really not that funny.

But this is ridiculous. I will get a cold call from Sean Connery asking me to cure cancer before anyone confuses Al Franken with Fox News.

1) Al Franken is a person. Fox News is a network that has people and flags on it.

2) Al Franken is only sometimes funny. Fox News is hilarious 24/7.

3) Al Franken is not owned by Rupert Murdoch...yet. Fox...well you get the point.

Given these clear differences I cannot concieve of how people could become confused no matter what title he gives his book.

Closing Message to Fox: Come on. Be a little hipper than that. I know that you field women commentator with Bouffant hair cuts, but it is time to lighten up. I appreciate your multimillion dollar attempt to highlight the liberal media, but you always knew it was going to draw criticism. Take it like a man, er, a network.


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