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Friday, August 08, 2003

Posted by Jake
Comic Relief in Cairo (

Thank you Washington Post for pointing out the ridiculousness of this international institution.

Perhaps if Iraq had a corrupt and repressive Saudi-style monarchy -- one that forbade women from driving and that sponsored charities that promoted Islamist extremism worldwide -- it might be eligible for recognition. Or maybe the league would be mollified if a coup brought in a military dictatorship like that of member-in-good-standing Libya. Or if the Baath Party somehow returned and installed a leader like Bashar Assad or simply brought back Saddam Hussein, whose "legitimacy" the Arab League never paused to question and whose regime it spared little effort to save. Few organizations demand less democracy as a condition of membership or serve as a bigger tent for thugs and tyrants than does the Arab League.

The Arab League was created for one thing and one thing only: keeping bad people in power. Better the Iraqis stay out of it completely.


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