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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Posted by Matthew
Comparing the US and the EU Constitutions (TaiPei Times)

Being something of a parliamentary scholar, I found this especially interesting. The real beauty of our Constitution is that it is short, to-the-point, structure-focused and written in simple (though by now anachronistic) language. By contrast the proposed EU constitution is long, wandering, pretentitious, and written with needlessy complex language.

For consideration: Our preamble has 52 words which esentially says, "We want to try to make life better, keep the peace, and leave it for our kids". Theirs has 293 words with a statement to "work for a Europe of sustainable development based on balanced economic growth, with a social market economy aiming at full employment and social progress". As the article points out, that statement alone has at least five ambiguities... not to mention seems to be aiming towards a "workers paradise".


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