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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Posted by Jake
Lileks on Arnold

In any case, it’ll change a few minds about the possibilities of politics. All their life they saw politicians as nothing more than nerdy bloodless grinbots, and now here’s this guy: a giant with a gap-tooth smile smoking a Montecristo the size of Gray Davis’ shinbone. Heck yeah!

Only in America. And I say that as a good thing. Which reminds me: like all typical examples of American craziness, this will just horrify the Europeans.

Damn right.

Brian -- I just wanted to remind you all of the scene in Demolition Man, when they tell Stalone that Arnold had become President while he was frozen, after his popularity rose high enough that the Constitution was ammended just so that he could be elected. I'm convinced that ever since that movie came out he's had his eye on the Presidency...

Matt -- It's interesting, but all the pundits last night were talking about how Californians don't see him as 'experienced' and that the Dems will certainly push this. However, this would be a great thing, since Arnold is as experienced as anyone: He's been active on the political scene for years and has all the right connections to BOTH parties. He's an ideal politician. That was the point behind the Demolition man joke, everybody got a laugh out of it because they knew he had political aspirations: now over a decade ago! If they attack him on this too much, well...


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