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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Next Step on Korea (

"We must be prepared to negotiate a comprehensive agreement that addresses the full range of issues of concern to the United States and its allies -- North Korea's nuclear, chemical and missile programs, conventional force deployment, drug running and human rights -- as well as North Korea's concerns about security and economic development."

I don't think he's far off here. The problem is the the North Korean government has shown that they play this game well. This is how things have gone over the last decade. NK starts to build a bomb. We ask them to stop and offer food, oil, what-have-you. They appeear to stop for a while. Then they get hungry, cold, what-have-you. They advertise that they're making nukes again, and the cycle restarts. Negotiating on human rights won't solve the fact that Kim Jong Il is duplicitous.


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