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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Posted by Matthew
No Cakewalk

At the end of the article, there is this little snippet:

"He's got to show 'here's the beef' on how he would govern California or some will accuse him of being just a beefcake candidate," says Melanie Morgan of KSFO radio in San Francisco.

That beef may already be on the grill. Financier Warren Buffett, a close friend of Mr. Schwarzenegger's, is providing advice on economic development. Friends of Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman are urging him to appear in a commercial for Mr. Schwarzenegger, much as he did for Proposition 13 a quarter century ago. Mr. Schwarzenegger has been quoted as saying that for years his favorite Christmas present for friends was Mr. Friedman's book "Free to Choose." Other prominent economic figures who are talking with Mr. Schwarzenegger about a role in the campaign include Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Art Laffer and Steve Moore of the Club for Growth. This week, Bob White, the former chief of staff for Gov. Pete Wilson, took over the campaign's reins as senior manager. Mr. White has extensive experience in formulating public policy, which is unusual for a campaign manager.

As I was ranting earlier... its the connections that matter most for being an effective politician, and those are some hefty connections.


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