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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Posted by Jake
One More and That Makes Ten

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark 'appears to be getting close to throwing his stars into the 2004 Democratic presidential nominating contest,' the National Journal reports.

'Clark recently phoned one close adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity, and said, 'Crank it up.' The Clark adviser said that the former NATO chief is smart to stay out of the race until after Labor Day, but not much longer after that. He pointed to the number of debates and forums that the Democratic hopefuls have on tap and the chance that these encounters will do little to clarify the race -- as was the case in the recent AFL-CIO forum in Chicago. The Clark adviser speculated that the general will be better positioned for a run if he has a message that seems fresher for not having been part of the clutter.'
(via Political Wire)

It's a shame. I was really pushing for Dean.


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