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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Think Strategy, Not Numbers ( "Looking back on America's military defeat in Vietnam, the late CIA director William Colby concluded that the United States had fought the wrong kind of war.

Rather than using special forces and intelligence operations to combat a shadowy enemy, Colby argued, the United States decided to wage 'an American-style military war' with more than 500,000 troops whose job, as the conflict dragged on, increasingly was protecting themselves rather than securing the Vietnamese. "

David Ignatius makes some very good points in this piece from yesterday's WashPost. I've read elsewhere that special forces teams with training geared toward hunting these madmen and terrorists are frustrated that they're not being used to their potential. We don't need more troops there. More troops make more targets. We need to do a better job utilizing the skills of the ones who are there.


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