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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Posted by Jake
Thousands Gather in Washington to Remember 1963 March and Plan for the Future

The Rev. Al Sharpton, activist and Democratic presidential candidate, drew rousing cheers when he urged those present to 'take down the dream busters.' Harking back to Dr. King's reference in the original march to the 'bad check' America had given to the Negro people, Mr. Sharpton said, 'Today that check has bounced again, but it's not for insufficient funds.'

'The check has been marked `stop payment,' ' he said.

Under what circumstances do you think the civil rights organizers of today would say, "OK, that's good, we won"?

Because that it is what a lot of their members are saying. They are not showing up in droves.

The NAACP won many of its important agenda items during the 1960s and 1970s -- and that is unequivocably good. But somewhere along the way it seems to have morphed into an organization more concerned with its own existence than with confronting genuine problems.

It's funny that Al Sharpton is saying basically the same things they were in the 60s. The change of issues from voting rights and institutional segratation to economic parity and racial profiling (two issues which are more or less taking care of themselves no thanks to them) highlights the fantastic steps that African Americans have made -- but no seems to have noticed.

Al Sharpton looks like he doesn't want to be out of job, and he is willing to convince millions of people they are oppressed to do it. Maybe this is why.


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