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Friday, August 08, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl - Study Suggests Surge In British Measles Cases:

Nationalized Health-Care: The Wave of the Future. (sorry link requires subscription)

"Measles is posing a growing risk to children in Britain as parents decide against vaccinations for fear of side effects, and researchers warn the disease could become endemic, a constant threat to health.
British researchers report Friday in the journal Science that the level of vaccinated children in Britain has dropped below 80% and that the nation is experiencing more frequent and larger outbreaks of measles."

Brian -- How can they possibly criticize the wonder that is socialized healthcare? It's such a good idea to give everyone free medical care, and it has the best of intentions, so we really ought to be able to ignore the fact that it doesn't work. Measle epidemics and people dying while waiting for surgery are small prices to pay for easing our guilt that there are poor people in the world.

James -- Easy big guy. If you criticize their systems with your sarcasm, Canada and Britain might team-up and invade.

Brian -- Yes, it probably would take both of them to properly get their asses kicked by us.


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