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Friday, August 01, 2003

Posted by Jake - Daily Dish

Andrew Sullivan has certainly been getting some interesting emails about his stand on gay marriage. Here is my favorite:

"Sorry, Andy me boy, but buttf--ery will NEVER be an act of marriage. And if you don't like the backlash? Well, as you have so often observed, Americans will put up with abuse for a very long time, then we'll put our foot down and crush it, and the abusers who cause it, if the abusers go too far. Just be glad that stopping gay marriage is as far as we'll go. We regard the prospect of judge-mandated queer "marriage" as the political equivalent of flying jet aircraft into a 110 story paired bride and groom. We are not going to put up with it. If you DO want to stay here, respect our f--ing laws, thank you very much."

"Buttf--ery." Please. I think we can all agree the accepted term is "buttpiracy." Have a little respect. Incidentally, just ponder the effects on maritime law this argument could have.


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